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Over 212 Businesses make up Ketchikan’s Marine Industry

Ketchikan provides deep-water, ice-free ports and harbors in a strategic location 690 miles north of Seattle, and 932 miles south of Anchorage.

The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council coordinates opportunities for regional marine businesses.

How: We assist Southern Southeast Alaska region marine businesses and stakeholders to be successful by increasing awareness of regional marine capabilities and encouraging development of a qualified regional workforce. KMIC pools private, public and philanthropic dollars to underwrite marine career and technical education opportunities for youth and adults in the regional education system at the workplace for incumbent workers.

Who we are: The KMIC is an annex of the Ketchikan Chamber and a member of Maritime Works a statewide, jobs-driven maritime careers partnership.

Funds provided by private industry donors and the Ketchikan Gateway Borough allow the Ketchikan Marine Industry Council to take an active approach in establishing a robust and prosperous regional maritime economy.

  • 212 Businesses in 9 Parent Categories
  • ›Estimated 1,745 Employees
  • ›Average Marine Wages : $71,964
    (Source: SE Conference/BEA)
  • ›Rapid Wage Growth: $62,664 (2009) to $71,964 (2010) (Source: SE Conference/BEA)
  • ›216% growth in contribution to State GDP between 1997 and 2010 (Source: BEA dataset for “Water Transportation” Industry)
  • ›Most economic activity in Ketchikan and Alaska is marine-dependent


The Ketchikan Marine Industry Council has completed a draft report identifying 212 marine industry businesses in the Ketchikan region. KMIC is seeking to refine this list with input from Ketchikan’s private sector employers. Download the full report (pdf), click here…

KMIC is a member of Maritime Works a statewide, jobs-driven maritime careers partnership.

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