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The Mill at Ward Cove – Ward Cove Industrial Complex

  • A two-berth, floating cruise ship dock and welcome center, operational by June 2020 in a large, ice-free, deep-water port.
  • Support for large-scale marine industrial operations.
  • 800 foot concrete dock (-28’ to -40’ mllw).
  • 200,000 sq. ft. of warehousing space.
  • 1 million gallon fuel farm.

Number of Employees:

Ward Cove Industrial Complex

The Ward Cove Industrial Complex is the site of a new effort to build a cruise ship dock for Norwegian Cruise Lines.

(artist’s rendering)
The Mill at Ward Cove is a partnership between Ward Cove Dock Group, LLC and Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. to build a two-berth, floating cruise ship dock and corresponding Welcome Center and Passenger Transit Facility in Ward Cove, near Ketchikan.

The initial $50 million investment in this project is primarily for design and construction of the Dock and the Uplands on track to be completed and operational by June 2020. From there, this project will foster additional investment, private development, and job creation in the Ward Cove area and in the community of Ketchikan as a whole.

The Welcome Center will have a museum and displays to showcase the impressive history of the Ketchikan Pulp Mill and what it meant as the former economic powerhouse of the Ketchikan area and Southern Southeast Alaska. Pictures, testimonials, ideas, and suggestions for the museum can be emailed to:

New Ward Cove Cruise Ship Dock

A two-berth, floating cruise ship dock and
welcome center, operational by June 2020. Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings concept drawing.