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City of Ketchikan Port

  • Four deep-water panamax-sized berths.
  • Mllw depth ranging from -40’ to -100’.
  • Cruise ships from June to September.
  • Large vessel ice-free moorage October to May.

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Ketchikan has four panamax sized cruise ship berths. They are numbered sequentially from south to north, along the downtown waterfront. Each berth also has an adjacent float.
Berth I, inboard side, has the 200 feet long Daly Float.
Berth II, north end, has the 150 feet long Ryus Float.
Berth III, north, inboard side, has a 400 foot long float.
Berth IV has two floats, 120 feet on the south, inboard side, and 70 feet on the north, inboard side.
Cruise ships should lighter only to the floats at Berths III or IV.