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Fish From Trish

  • Specialty fish processor.
  • We buy only from select fishing boats.
  • Everyone in our product line, from fisher through selector to shipper, treats fish as a specialty product because fish is a specialty food.

Number of Employees:


When offloading our catch to the processing plants, I learned that our fish were never treated any different than anyone else’s. I watched other fisherman handle their product and some treated their catch like we did, yet others just seemed not to care as much.

After a year of learning, I started to sell our catch to local markets in Ketchikan and Washington, and shipping into Boston and Chicago.I felt I had something in front of me that needed to be seen by so many more fish lovers. While out to sea I grew my fins as the local Ketchikan Mermaid, after much thought I put my sea legs away and opened “Fish From Trish,” a local Ketchikan processing plant to help other fisherman like us put their fish out to select markets.